Make Rational Team Concert Client Work on Fedora 15

Problem description

Fedora 15 has Firefox 5 on board and thus some latest XUL runner (on my machine today it is xulrunner-5.0-2.fc15.i686), Rational Team Concert ignores Fedora presence (it supports whatever, including RHEL, but not our lovely cutting-edge distro). That is why it does not simply run on Fedora 15 (it expects xulrunner to be at the same level as in RHEL). There is an example of what happens. (In short: visual indication of the problem is abnormal termination of Rational product when you open Jazz Administration or other Jazz related perspective, in case of standalone RTC client it will be right after startup, in case of RAD or RSA when you switch to the perspective manually).

In fact you may try downgrade XUL but I would never recommend it, since it is very error prone way, especially for YUM-driven Fedora.


Firstly, I downloaded Firefox 3.6.19 from there (or from here, since 3.6 may be no longer available from Firefox site). Next, I installed it under /usr/lib/firefox-3.6.19. And next I modified launcher for you Rational product (in my case it is Rational Software Architect 8.0.3):
/home/alex/IBM/SDP/eclipse -product
/home/alex/IBM/SDP/eclipse -product -vmargs -Dorg.eclipse.swt.browser.XULRunnerPath=/usr/lib/firefox-3.6.19/

That is it, it works.
NOTE:This solution will help if before you successfully fix the SELinux problem for JRE bundled into Rational product(s), because SELinux arises at earlier stages of Eclipse loading.