How to flash ASUS BIOS if you have Linux installed?

the issue is that you may not run flash utility from Linux, probably it may be successful, but they do not declare it. So there is several ways:

  • Upgrade from Windows partition
  • Connect floppy with DOS or USB drive with some Live image of Windows and upgrade from there
  • Create bootable Windows or DOS CD, boot and flash from there

I own G51JX series notebook and from factory it has rev. 204 of BIOS. There is no option: “boot from USB stick”, i.e. there is no way for the second option. Sure I killed damned Windows 7 in the first day of ownership, and though I have 5 DVD for restore, my religion does not allow me to restore any Windows partition, so the third option is not for me. Of course there is no floppy nowadays in notebooks 🙂 and even if it was — BIOS size is 2MB+, beyond standard 1.44 floppy.
Thus I decided to follow option 3.

What I did (follow this procedure on YOUR OWN RISK):

  1. Download AFLASH2.exe and BIOS (in my case revision 206) file from ASUS support site
  2. Download bootable MSDOS CD package: Hiren’s Bootable CD
  3. Unzip it somewhere on WIndows machine nearby 🙂 (I used WIndows XP I run on VirtualBox)
  4. Place AFLASH.exe and the BIOS file into the Floppy subdirectory within Hiren’s Bootable CD
  5. Change the line from Build-ISO.cmd file .\Tools\bfi.exe -b=Floppy\boot.dat -f=cd\Floppy.ima Floppy to .\Tools\bfi.exe -t=288 -b=Floppy\boot.dat -f=cd\Floppy.ima Floppy

    This is required because CD is created from floppy image and standard floppy image is 1.44MB and AFLASH2.exe + BIOS + base MS DOS files are above this limit, thus we make floppy image of 2.88MB (which is 3.5 inch floppy of Extended Density, it was very seldom in use even in the golden era of floppies)
  6. Run Build-ISO.cmd (it generates the BootCD.iso file)
  7. Burn the BootCD.iso file on the blank disk
  8. Boot from this media
  9. Select option 1 in menu
  10. It may say that CD ROM is not recognized and so. Ignore it
  11. You should be on virtual floppy A:, then in DOS command prompt type AFLASH2.EXE
  12. In menu of the utility you are obliged to type name of the BIOS file (you may exit the utility and do dir if you cannot remember the file name ). Actually you must follow ASUS instructions from here if your motherboard are to be flashed with different *.EXE
    NOTE: you cannot create backup of you BIOS, there is no writable media visible from MS DOS, you should not interrupt the process

I hope it will turn to be useful.

Please, note that Hiren’s Bootable CD is not fully legal package: it consists of parts of Windows, nobody would sue you, but it would be more cleaner from legal point of view if you overwrite binaries, such as COMMAND.COM with copies from your legal copy of Windows (I hope you have one 🙂 ). Hiren’s Bootable CD has files from Win2K as I can see from ver output.


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